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Henry Hudson Youth Soccer Inc (HHYS) has created an AED implementation plan for use as of 4/1/24, within 180 days of NYS Bill A.366A/S.7424 being signed into law on 11/24/23, as
required by law. HHYS qualifies as a Youth Sports program and has implemented the following
-An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device shall be maintained in the HHYS club shed at all times.
-The AED device will be made available to all HHYS board members, coaches, volunteers, andother qualified adults for all club scheduled practices and games.
-At least one person qualified to deploy the AED will be present at all club scheduled practices and games.
-At least one HHYS Board member will receive training on the use of an AED device every
twenty-four months (two years).
-The training course attended shall meet the requirements of NYS Department of Health. The
training course attendance proof will be maintained with club records for three years, or until a new training course has been completed whichever is sooner.
-According to NY CDYSL (Capital District Youth Soccer League), one AED onsite will be adequate to meet the needs of the HHYS club, as long as the scheduled practices and games occur in a location that has access to the AED device. If additional locations are used, additional AED devices may be required at that time.
-If a cardiac emergency incident occurs during a scheduled practice or game, any person that is qualified to use the AED device may use the device as long as they do not hold HHYS liable for any injuries or damages caused.
-HHYS shall maintain the AED device in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and purchase new batteries and pads as required. A new device will be purchased periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
-Attached to this plan are the equipment checklist and cardiac emergency protocols for when a
cardiac emergency incident occurs.

Revised: 3/20/24